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**minimum order amount will be waived for smash cakes, cupcakes, and gender reveal cakes** **booking fee is credited to the price of the cake**

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind fondant cake for your one-of-a-kind celebration, you have come to the right place. I am dedicated to providing you with intricate, whimsical designs that are unique and truly yours. I believe that beautiful, artistic creations take time and lots and lots of love and passion. With this said, I hope that you enjoy my creations as much as I love making them.

To order, email me at hopessweetcakes@gmail.com. You can also see more of my work and message me at Hope's Sweet Cakes on Facebook.

Transport: I am bringing this up first because it seems to be the last thing we think about, but it is extremely important. It does not matter how beautiful the cake is if it doesn’t make it to the party in one piece! You have two options…you can pick the cake up in Helena or I can deliver the cake to you for a fee (fees start at $25 and go up depending on distance). If you choose to pick the cake up, be sure you have a flat surface large enough to hold the cake…car seats or the lap of a friend will not work.  Cakes do have to be refrigerated until the closest time to the party as possible.  The colder the better!
****I can not ship cakes****

Payment: PayPal is now available!!!! Just let me know you would like to pay via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account of your own. You can pay with any debit or credit card. Just send payment to hopessweetcakes@gmail.com. You can also pay with cash or check. 

Specialty Fondant Cakes
Each tier is three layers of cake. I ice cakes in home-made, vanilla buttercream then add a layer of hand-rolled homemade marshmallow fondant. This is the best of both worlds, combining the texture and flavor of a buttercream cake with the silky, smooth and flawless finished look of fondant.

Don't be put off by other bakeries' less-than-favorable reviews of fondant. Beyond it providing a marvelous canvas and a wider array of decorative and design possibilities, there are other benefits to using fondant. Fondant protects and seals in the freshness of a cake. You want it to taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside! Fondant will maintain the decoration and cake's form better in warmer weather.

The prices listed below are completely subjective. All cakes are not created equal. The same size cake with different designs would require completely different amounts of material and time to create. These prices are the jumping off point. If you are interested in a simple buttercream or naked cake, please contact me for pricing. If you have a budget you would like to stick to, just let me know and we can design a cake that will fit within that price range.

Size                        Servings             Price
9 inch                    30                        $150
12 inch                  60                        $240

Size                      Servings                Price
9in/6in                   45                         $225
12in/9in                 90                         $450

Size                    Servings                  Price
9in/6in/4in             49                         $245
12in/9in/6in           105                       $630
16in/12in/9in         190                       $1140

Size                           Servings           Price
12in/9in/6in/4in             109                $654 
16in/12in/9in/6in           205                $1230

Size                          Servings           Price
16/12/9/6/4 inch          209                 $1254

Size                      Servings              Price
8 inch                    20-30                   $125
10 inch                  45-50                   $150
6/8 inch                 30-40                   $225
8/10 inch               75-80                   $450
6/8/10 inch             85-90                  $630

Sculptural Cakes
All sculptural cakes will need to be accessed and quoted.  It will be priced based on size needed. Trains, castles, firetrucks and the like start at $250.

My hand sculpted figures start at $25 each.  The fondant figures will dry very hard after a few days and can be kept as a little memento of the occasion.

Toppers such as large ribbon bows, 3D names, and wired art start at $15.

Cupcakes (must purchase in batches of 24 or more)
Simple buttercream designs are $1.75 each. This includes two colors of buttercream to coordinate with your party.
Detailed designs such as grass are $2.25 each…this works perfect if you plan to add a small plastic goodie to the top as a gift for the party guests.
Fondant details will start at $2.50 to $3.00 but could be more depending on the amount of detail.
Mini Cupcakes are $.50 each for simple buttercream designs and $.75 each with a fondant detail.

Having trouble deciding what size to get? I always say go bigger than you think you need. The cake is often the center piece of the party. So, don’t think of it as how much cake you need, think of it as  how big of a show stopper do you want!

***I ask that you pay a $50 non refundable booking fee to be placed on the calendar.  The deposit is non-refundable and can not be transferred or held for a later date. You can mail that deposit to me at 148 Chestnut Lane Helena, AL 35080 or pay through Paypal by sending to Hopessweetcakes@gmail.com.  Your date is not booked until I have received the deposit!*** At two weeks prior to your event, you balance must be paid in full. (you will receive a $50 credit for the booking fee)

Smash Cakes

If it is for a child’s first birthday, I make a 6 inch 2 layer smash cake to compliment or mimic the “big cake”.  Smash cakes are covered in butter cream instead of fondant for that nice squishy feeling.  ($35) Not getting a big cake but want a smash cake for pictures? I can do that too!!! They are $40.

All * items will have an additional charge
Red Velvet         

Vanilla Butter Cream
Almond Butter Cream
Chocolate Butter Cream *
Cookies n Cream (Butter Cream with oreos) *
**Any candy bar can be added between the layers**

For inspiration please take a look at my cakes on this blog. You can also see some amazing work here Pinterest on my cake inspirations pinterest board. And last but not least, you can find me on Facebook #Hope’s Sweet Cakes. 

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